Cant import wallet

I have a private key and email registered on 17/12/2020 but when i try to import is not exist. Why?

@Andrieboi If your secret key is valid, it must accept.
Make sure you’re entering it exactly, no spaces in-between.
Double check your secret keys i.e. the zero’s and letter O also, including the letter I and number 1, in case they’re confusing or doesn’t show clearly.

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My reward is gone

Hello @Andrieboi

I’m sorry about that, but information concerning this was put out on the Bantu telegram group for quite some time. Here it is:

Attention to Returning Community Members:

If you started with Bantu months back and just coming back. The reality is that Bantu Blockchain has evolved, the wallets you had, the FREE XBNs etc are no longer there. Please focus on the new phase of LISTING AND TRADING, NEW PROJECTS.

Being rude to the hardworking Admins and other loyal community members is not good.

Advice: Participate more and soon you will be part of the new campaigns and some more exciting FREEBIES that will always come from BANTU.

Thank you.

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