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Did You Know…
One of Bantu’s core missions is to improve the lives of the unbanked and underbanked populations by working with strategic partners within the financial services sector to build a more open, inclusive and empowering payments ecosystem.
Bantu Network makes it possible to instantly and securely transfer, swap, and trade digital assets globally and at a very low cost. Offering a scalable and reliable technology for global payments and trade. Thereby, improving the lives of the unbanked, and underbanked populations.


Bantu to the moon… Can’t wait for xbn to get listed on bittrex

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Wow, this is promising!
To the moon…!

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How I wish the eNaira will be build on the Bantu blockchain and becos of this alot of company who doesn’t hv the knowledge about the crypto world will be force to employ alot of persons that will help them see the affairs of their transaction in various organizations.

Those in the wholesale categories will need to employ expert to help them manage their account on bantu. And it will lead to massive employment of labours.

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@gen2soul The exciting news is that Bantu Blockchain foundation, is also working with the Nigerian Central Bank to develop the (eNaira) CBDC. Bantu Blockchain makes it easiest to digitize your assests including tokenizing all your local currencies AND BantuPay wallet is the easiest way to manage your portfolio, swap and send/receive payments…


Bantu is seriously loaded. Don’t miss the goodies of the Bantu Blockchain.


If not bantu , no any other blockchain does it better.