Digitally internally eternal

Who would have ever though we would be among the first to live internally?

Our identities and input in to the internet shall outlive the hands of time destined for this planet.

Tomorrow your descendants will connect to your ideas and personality as if you where here with them.

The cost of living is high. But the cost of eternity is a cheap mere data.:thinking:

Do you know which era we live in?
Do you know what you suppose to do?

This is the blockchain digital era…
The revolution has started. And bantupay is part of it. Timbuktu is in it.

This is the era of change, revolution of what is going to live on our behalf. An idea that all human beings are equal and deserve equal opportunities.
The most valuable thing you can ever have in this era is an I.D.

THE most valuable job you can do is refer other Identities…
As cryptocurrencies become more than human population. These blockchains have devised q strategy to attract online traffic to their networks, that includes free mining, free claims, free spins, free airdrops and many others. But inorders to get these you need to have an EMAIL, a verification that your internet self exist and shall exist beyond your life as long as somebody has your password.

This is just the beginning of free wealth. All you have to do is develop another personality like you. A personality you shall leave behind to represent and host your memories.

This is your digital version. Good luck.

Signed: Don Vhenyo
South Africa


@Vhenyo :+1: Together we will empower each other through value transfer by sharing. With Bantu there’s no limit to what you can achieve as we progress together on this unending journey. This is the spirit of BANTU

Wow :clap:t4::clap:t4: Empowering and enlightening stuff here