Disappearing balance

Why is my balance not showing again.

@Otari this is a bug when one just logs into the wallet. This is currently been fixed and worked on. Please look out for the next App version

@vmaac I have got a similar issue.

I have received an email with the following information.


You have received a new transaction.

Amount : 1000.0000000 XBN
Sender: david22
Timestamp: 2020-12-16 12:06:08 +0000 UTC
Transaction ID: 8f99c6296bb9757b43a03c01b3e342cddc00396cf5600e6d73685e0ddfbfafa6

Yours securely,
Team BantuPay
Bantu Blockchain Foundation

But in my wallet, it took 52 min to appear.

PS: (I was writing the post when it appears suddenly after 52 min).

In any case, something seems to not work as expected.