Economic Implications of eNaira and crypto on Nigeria's economy

What do you think of the E-naira launch ?
As crypto really impacted the economy, especially in this part of the world? How would a CDBC like Nigeria’s e-Naira shape the country’s economy?


How do we position ourselves to gain from this innovation, as people who are already into the Blockchain ecosystem


To me the launch of eNaira is a welcome development.
It will improve remittance, tax payment, revenue payment, direct government and non government intervention support to the real beneficiaries.
It will eliminate the middlemen who hoard or divert money meant for agricultural development in

For the Crypto space, the eNaira will increase cryptocurrency transactions and the means of payment for Crypto assets.
It will promote the adoption of cryptocurrency in some ways as merchants will leverage on it to support P2P or merchants (business) to person transactions.
It will wake up some cryptocurrency exchange platforms which the ban on bank transaction with cryptocurrency have made them to hibernate for almost a year now.
They will leverage on it to relaunch their businesses.

For us at Bantu Blockchain, we will be using the eNaira to complete P2P transaction on Timbuktu. This means additional payment method to the available ones.
As time goes on, the Timbuktu team might be adding eNaira wallet to the payment method.
No card maintenance charges with eNaira
No SMS charges
No card renewal fees
No Network fee for using USSD
No queue at bank to fill form for network induced wrong transactions.
No queue at bank to renew ATM card.

My concern is security of the eNaira wallet and it Distributed Ledger Technology infrastructure.