Facebook fastest finger

I come to understand that for those of us that participated in the Facebook fastest finger challenge and didn’t click the link on the pin message, our participation didn’t reflect on the Bantu blockchain foundation page there in Facebook where the competition took place.

Our names where not found among those that participated bcos we didn’t click the pin message but go to Facebook directly and locate the place where the competition took place.

Is like clicking the pin massage will take u directly to another arena entire different from when I didn’t click the pin message.

Why is it so.

i am asleep at the moment, i missed :expressionless:

@gen2soul it’s okay! Always next time to try to win again


So early? The game is by 8pm

Thank u very much ma. Hope u re fine ma

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lol… yeah, though it was a stressful day. i take a nap and wake exactly 8:10… i actually prepared for the challenge :expressionless: