Forget secret key

Hello, I lost my secret key. Can I get my wallet back? My wallet added with my telegram, Twitter username and ubountu bot. Can it possible?

It was created with my email.

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@alom1245 unfortunately, you can’t gain access to your account anymore without the secret key.

You may have to create a new account to continue to enjoy Bantu.

If you do create a new account, kindly do well to save your secret key in a safe space.

Best wishes!


@alom1245 What happens if i lose/forget my BantuPay secret keys?

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Please keep your secret keys well o. Me i no fit shout

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And also, try reminding our newbie’s too about secret keys .They might not know how important it is or may not even have ideas :pray:t2:

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It is expensive to lose or forget your secret key. This happens to you, open another account and get some XBN to active your account.

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To before warned is to before harm . Well, when a pro speaks , the MVP’$ listen :ear:t4: