Good Community: How Important Is It

Hello Bantu

For any project to gain value, it relies on good community. Community is you and me joining hands to reach farther than we could ever do as individuals.
But then, what is good community…? I believe good community has its foundation rooted in the following attributes:
Respect, selflessness, generosity, kindness, sincerity, loyalty, hard work and many other virtues…

I also believe that when we start focusing on things that move the Bantu Blockchain ship forward as a community and less on ourselves, we will begin to reap a good harvest. You and I have a part to play.
Let’s focus on building tomorrow today!

We are Bantu!

What other attributes do you think will make this community unbeatable?



Should be available to everyone soon :blush:

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I suggest the Timbuktu site should be merged inside the Bantupay mobile app for quicker access to Bantu traders and the site could also remain,

Room for staking XBN to qualify for airdrops on newly listed coins/tokens at %api of staked XBN or BNR…

Organising More Twitter Competitions(Social Media) may include tags(friends) with $XBN And #BantuPay (harshtag) , replying to Bantu tweets, retweeting and replying to other replies or sorta, dropping bantupay names, quick responses, and of course, New listings :wink:


nice one brother… Keep the vibes

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Good idea nice one
This is great I think the Dev team should look into it

Thanks Sir . Welcome to Bantu

I’m not new here Sir
Just too busy to interact
But I read comments in the community

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