Happy Friday Bantu community members

It’s been an amazing week so far to the extent that I just paid the last bantu Friday event reward today and 120 BNR have been successfully paid to those that are to be rewarded. Bantutalk rewarding system now owed me some BNR :face_with_monocle: and please if you see our Santa, tell her she did not show love :joy:

I know you’re enjoying bantu with mouth watering surprises while the price Keep surging higher, that’s just a snippet anyway we’re moving to the main deal by 2022 so bag up more while you can.

The top 10 users will be rewarded if at all you logging to Bantutalk this week and even if you logging and you’re not on the list, that’s because some people outsmart you by checking what’s going on everyday like they already received a leak :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. So please let’s be active.

Below are the list of the active users on Bantutalk and as you already know there will be 500BNR giveaway pool according to the poll in the last event hosted by me. Every participant will have until Saturday to drop there Bantupay usernames.

Each user will receive 30BNR each and the remaining unclaimed reward will be shared between the users that have the badge AFICIONADO…


Thank you very much, currently my Bantu Pay app isn’t working have tried reaching out to admi s for help to no avail on telegram.

My user name is lerato

@akpatekings What error messages are getting? Could you share your screen please

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BNR received with lots of thanks @stepharnite

Please am still waiting to get feedback on my complaints.

@akpatekings You need to create a new wallet and start again as it seems your wallet has been suspended. I tried to send you some XBN below is the result I got.

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Ok sir but yet I can’t create an account either

Uninstall the previous one, clear up data and, download a new one, install and register with new details (email, phone number etc)

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Even with a different email, phone number?


I don’t know what the problem might be.

Changed devices yet am getting same thing.

What can I do?

@akpatekings At what stage are you having this issue? Are you using a VPN?

Give it sometime before you tried again boss


Thanks famz…

Will do just that.

I hope you chose the correct country code.
And what’s the username you’re using to create the account?

My Username is Ubaid125

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Username: kingsakpate
Country code: +234

Rewards still not received

2 people dropped there username, and will receive 30 BNR each when I received the reward from @decentralizednubia

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