Happy new year Bantu cashless society

One has been missing in action.

But i noticed the increase in value of my bantupay coins.

Please where and how can we “mint/state” bantupay coins?


@Vhenyo Go to Bantu Token Creator

Which option is it?

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I keep getting it wrong

Click on Create asset

@Vhenyo watch the video for a step-by-step guide
Create your blockchain tokens with a few clicks, using Bantu Token Creator - YouTube

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I finally got it. I did not understand the distributor secret key. Please be patient guys…

Now instructions or videos on how to fund my account? I hope i dont have to go to timbuktu.
And i dont have any issue with timbuktu,

My question is to i have to send 250 coins to each public key, or 250 to one and the rest of my coins to another?

And to which do i send the rest of my coins?
Mainnet or testnet?

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@Vhenyo You need to fund your account with 250 XBN. So if you saw the minting part of the session, though you require a min of 250 the emphasis is on “minimum” you can mint more or higher amounts.

Finally. Whats next

Wish it was that easy. Like other apps. But its interesting and puzzling.

So i can fund both my public keys directly from my wallet? And which one to i put the rest of my coins in?

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The public key address you have is the PUBLIC key address displayed or sent when you wish to receive tokens. Bantu blockchain allows you to trade with username or public key as well. So you can use either one of these options