Having diffulculty signing into Timbuktu

Hi guys, please am new here,can someone put me through,am having issues linking my bantupay with my Timbuktu exchange

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@Rasheeedatbaby1989 welcome to Bantu :hugs:
Here’s Video tutorials providing step-by-step guidance for Timbuktu login activities.

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Thanks a bunch,I appreciate

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And also,each time I try logging into Timbuktu,it says my username can’t be found


You account might have been suspended. Can you go to @banturewards on telegram and complain


@Rasheeedatbaby1989 What’s your bantupay username?


Hi Bantu family,this Timbuktu thing is something else,how come I can’t login,I have watched the video tutorial o we and over again but I can’t still get in.so now I’m just waiting for another exchange to come onboard that will be easy for me to login

I like what I’m seeing on my Bantupay wallet though,XBN is really doing well,let it keep pumping Jared,BANTU to the moon!!

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@Chreb20 what error message are getting?
Kindly state your errors, so we know how to assist you.

Morning, please can you put me through cos I don’t really know much about bantu?my username is rasheedatbaby

My bantu username is rasheedatbaby

There actually isn’t any error message.any time I try logging in, it tries to open a page then itredirects me to my Bantupay login page for authentication,once I input my password I remain in my Bantupay account