Here is my Bantu story

Prior to the official launch in late 2020, I learned about Bantu blockchain through social media. After reading about the project and the leadership biographies, I quickly downloaded Bantupay and signed on the testnet.

My heart was unquestionably convinced of Bantu’s goal and the future they stood to create.

My conviction has not only held true two years after the project’s launch and active participation, especially when viewed through a more intimate lens, but it has become stronger with each milestone attained.

In addition to being a Bantu Rep today, I also firmly support the founder’s mission and that of the core group of individuals who shared his vision and embarked on the trip with him.

Bantu is one of those few projects in which I have complete faith, and I’m determined to see it through to success for the sake of all. To ensure that our aspirations for Bantu are realized, I would continue to make contributions as I am able.

What’s your Bantu stories?