Hold hold hold hold until one coin is 2000$

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Long term vision:
Before bantupay intergrates staking, minting, mining and automatic claiming functions: six months goal will determine the future of my descendants for generations to come.

Currently: 1200 bantucoins

January 2022: 20 000 bantucoins

June 2022: 100 000 bantucoins

December 2022: 500 000 bantucoins.

Then i can stake my coins in the shores of capetown for the rest of my rich life.

Set you own goal and hold hold hold hold hold until the kids go to university download


this is great projection… U really to acquire more now. Remember bantu xbn will soon list on BitMart

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I like how you perceive @Vhenyo great goals set here :clap:t4: #WealthPlanning


I like your vision and your plan. Really nice. I’m n that too.


I join my fate here… Bantu to the world

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