How can i link my Bantutalk user name with my Bantu pay account

how can i link my Bantutalk username with my Bantu pay account.


@tanver21 Just update your bantutalk name in your bantupay profile .
Go to profile, click edit, then scroll down and include your bantutalk name (do not include @)


Sir, when I linked my bantutalk username to the bantupay account it couldn’t finish well…when I clicked “continue” it keeps showing “Request Time Out”…is there any problem with Bantupay server?

oh it works now…thanks sir :pray:

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I edited my bantu account to the same name with the app hope its holds no effect in me getting my rewards??

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@Clintden Our objective in Bantu is to distribute XBN to Humanity. You will receive a notification in BantuPayBot

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Please were can I find the link for joining the telegram group

I did this but when I tried updating it on my telegram bot, it’s telling me that it is invalid. What can I do?

I have done all these, yet it failed to link. My username for the both is ‘enella’.
What should I do?

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@enella Make sure that your bantutalk id in the Bantupay profile is in all lowercase and try again.

All are in lowercase. It has been like that.

No i just edited it here on BantuTalk to lower case your “E” was Enella.

Now make sure its all lowercase on BantuPay profile and on @BantuPayBot

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Thank you for your help. However, it’s still not working. I have updated it, restarted my phone but no positive result.

This what I am seeing now.

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As also experiencing the same

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I have same problem at username… Please help


@adeleyemariam @mat_Lehenn How to input your BantuTalk username into BantuPayAPP?

In the BantuPayAPP

Step 1 go to Settings
Step 2 Profile
Step 3 click ‘edit’ and input your bantutalk username and social media handles

Do not include “@”. all lowercase

Hi, I think I might have same challenge. My bantutalk username is with an uppercase but in the profile of the bantupay app it cannot edit to uppercase yet I can’t seem to edit the one here into lowercase. Please how do I resolve this because the bot is saying the name should align

You can edit both here and on BantuPay
You have to go to settings then profile on BantuPay. “Edit” is on the right top corner sude

But i will help @nmasinachi do the edit here on BantuTalk

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