How many members suffer to buy XBN

How many members want that XBN will be listed another exchange
It’s just a for knowledge because I can’t use bittrex
There have more members that have same problem or only me suffering from to buy or sell XBN Maybe we have wait more to buy or sell XBN

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@lucky26 :slightly_smiling_face: the Bantu team is aware of the issues with bittrex and are working towards a better option for the community
:nigeria: :100:

My challenge is with the registration, since it is only passport that is allowed as valid means of identification for Nigeria, it hinders a lot of people who hasn’t got passport from proceeding with the KYC yet they keep spamming your email with reminder mails about the KYC. smh :unamused:

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don’t worry the Bantu team is working on how this can be resolved at it’s best :nigeria: :100: