How to Buy/Sell XBN on

:keycap_ten: How to Buy/Sell XBN on

  1. Visit

  2. Click on login

  3. Type your username

  4. Authorize with BantuPay

  5. Sign in using the BantuPay App

  6. Click Buy or Sell

  7. Look for the Merchants that meets your requirement.
    *Payment Method

  8. Click the button

  9. Choose your Payment method

  10. Choose the currency you want to receive

  11. Add payment address, bantu wallet or Bank account

  12. Place the order

  13. Wait for the merchant to accept.

  14. Send XBN to escrow or make payment to the merchants account if you are buying

  15. Complete transaction by confirming payment.

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nice info, good project guys