How to fund bittrex

Please can we be taught how to fund our bittrex account to enable one buy bantu xbn on bittrex.

To Buy/sell on Bittrex you need to verify your account by going through the KYC. After that to fund it is very much easier

I have successfully done KYC, but am having challenge funding. Except I transfer crypto to my bittrex wallet, there’s no other way to buy either usdt or usd required for purchasing xbn.

Transferring assets to bittrex is challenging because I have to pay charges twice. If there is a p2p option for acquisition of asset token, it would help as we would like to acquire xbn .

Have you tried

Hello Boss @Otari

The Timbuktu Exchange is a great option. It has options for the use of different cryptocurrencies as a means of transaction along with any fiat currency of your choosing.

There is also a pictorial representation of the steps involved in sending XBN to Bittrex in the Bantu telegram group.