How to make Withdraw

how to make withdrawal to bank account?


Hello @Jessica88 welcome to Bantu!

No withdrawing at this stage.
We are currently testing wallet with send and receive amongst Bantu users and swap within your BantuPay wallet by exchanging XBN & BNR tokens to test


will we can withdraw XBN & BNR later?

Any idea of the timeline of when we will be able to do this?

Please stay tuned for the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.:ok_hand:

Hello admin, why i lost my prevoius balance, i already participate in the old event at december 2020, but after i login today with same secret key and email and username it shown me no username or email registered,but the secret key is registered, and my balance is 0, why?

I am new can any help

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@Clintden Bantu welcome :heart: