How to stake your XBN

Quick step guide on staking XBN


I cannot verify my phone number

Make sure

  1. You are in the same country as the phone number’s country code
  2. Make Sure you are not using VPN
  3. Make sure you don’t have DND turned on, on your phone
  4. Make Sure your App is up to date
  5. Make sure your phone is Updated
  6. Don’t use two accounts on the same phone
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Am using my country phone number and also i don’t use vpn, DND is always off, am on android 11 and also i use only one account

The app is up to date

Can you share your Bantupay username, email


@Flexcodec Please wait for my feedback on this…
You can stake ur XBN without verifying your mobile number.

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I’ll try yo do it thanks