I can't send out my XBN or receive XBN to my wallet

I have been trying to send my XBN to bittrex but after the first attempt which showed that it was successful, the funds never left my wallet neither did it get to the intended exchange account. Using the Blockchain explorer, I could see the transaction there.
Since then I have been trying to send out again but it’s not working, worse is, I can’t even receive XBN and I’m trying to claim my BNR from curated assets but it’s saying I don’t have enough balance for the transaction. Please what’s going on. It’s really frustrating and it’s important I send those funds out.

Same thing is happening to some of my friends too.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused can you share some screenshots?

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I can’t send funds in.
I can’t claim my curated assets.

Account email: oyeprecious100@gmail.com
UID: Foxxp

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Your account have been flagged by the system probably because of some activities that the system did not support, please wait for @olutaiwo or @decentralizednubia to see maybe they can see what to do about your issue…

Please note that if you’re found guilty, you will have to create new account with new details

Thank you for choosing Bantu :handshake::handshake: @Foxxp

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Those with such problems HV already been attended to and if u dnt know , there is a descriptive of what to do concerning this.
Pls check this out and follow up immediately

:round_pushpin::round_pushpin::round_pushpin:ARE YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH SENDING XBN (from BantuPay to Bittrex Global Exchange)?

:pushpin: Please click on this for better understanding and to ensure that you have done everything accordingly.

:pushpin: Also, please verify and check your Transaction ID on EXPLORER:


:pushpin: And if there is proof on EXPLORER, but it is still not received on your Bittrex Global Exchange (account); please click on this, for more info.

• Go to Bittrex Global Community via Telegram link (below):

• Go to Bittrex Global Exchange and raise a support ticket via the website link (below):

:pushpin: But if you’ve ensured that all the info (above) was correct, and Bittrex Global Exchange Support has provided you feedback that there’s no problem on their end (and you were referred back to Bantu), then please click on this instead, for continued understanding of your situation.

Please read everything (all the steps and instructions above). Also, click all the links provided as well.

Thank you.

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You may want to reinstall the App to the latest version or wait till your account is reviewed.

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I’ve done all those steps. My app is the latest version. And it’s not a problem with bittrex because I asked someone to send me some XBN from their Bantu pay app and I still didn’t receive it.
I can’t send out, I can’t receive.
I can’t even perform in app transactions.

Please wait while your account is being reviewed

Dont they need my info to review my account?

Is this your email / username?


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You’ll be updated only after review of your account has been done.
As long as it takes and as long as necessary.
We will update you, once the review has been finished and/or a recommendation has been provided later.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Admin’s are not in any way or capacity, reviewing these suspensions. It is handled by a different department instead.

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OK. I appreciate that.
I pray it works

Stay tuned for update :handshake::handshake:

Anxiously waiting.

I received some XBN from the telegram bot today though.

Nice one, sorry for the inconvenience caused and rest assured the team behind your case will get back to you soon :handshake:

OK. I’m anxiously waiting. Because I really need to trade my XBN. I need to flip 'em

Sigh… How much longer?
This is just not fair