Important question

Where can i see my wallet address

Hello Ezeneze!

If you want to get your BantuApp public address:

Go the Bantupay app
Click on XBN
Click Receive
Copy the address to non BantuApp wallet


How will i withdraw it from the bot airdrop to my wallet

@Ezeneze BantuPayBot is not for withdrawal
its just an accounting system for Rewards and Referral for BantuPayAPP
think of @BantuPayBot as an assistant of BantuPayApp. You earned XBN will be rewarded automatically to your App once your submitted info is validated within 24 hours

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Thanks bro
Info was really helpful


Not found in bantupay wallet hanyi

@nithisan if you are referring to your Bantupay public address, it’s in your Bantupay app.
Just follow the steps given to @Ezeneze above.

@Ezeneze On your BantuPay, Click XBN then Receive… address starts with G