Issues I'm have in the Bantu app

The only issues I have encountered so far is that sometime when you try to send any of the coin the app will go blank, that’s the screenshot

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@Emmatex25 Thank you for this feedback. The Team is working on this. You said this happens when? Could just describe a step by step action you perform that triggers this blank screen please. Thank you.

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Okay what I said before is this most times whenever I try to send any of the coin to another user, if I click the send button, after it finished loading the screen will go blank, unless I close the app and reopen again before everything will start working fine.

And please it there’s any vacant position to work as support for the bantupay management, I will love to work with the team.



@Emmatex25 Thank you for this really detailed explanation. We will certainly on top of this. Please look out for a new BantuPay update version 1.0.31, we should have fixed this issue.

@Emmatex25 we would surely like to have passionate and also skillful people onboard Bantu Blockchain Foundation. Please keep an open eye and open ear. When we have openings, you should jump on it. Thanks again for the amazing feedback.

You’re welcome sir, please sir I will love to work as support for the bantupay management. Thanks

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I was having the same blank page problem when I want to transact (send). So I restarted my phone and it got worse I cant even log in to the Bantu app anymore. When I type in my password it gives me the blank page.

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Please update to the new app version 1.0.31… Please let us know how that goes

My balance XBN is showing correctly on home page in version .33 but when I click send it is showing that I have 0 XBN… What could be the issue?

Hello good afternoon please my Bantu account has been suspended, what do I do to retrieve it back

Is urgent. Thanks