Just help me in Airdrop

I don’t understand.

What is your BantuPay address?

What should write there? and…

The username you have entered is not linked to your BantuPay Account, Please link it to verify your account.
Press /SetBantuTalkUsername again.

My username is same. Why why not accepted?

Please somebody reach me.


Goto bantupay app ans goto setting then profile edit profile put there your details such as in pic below


Ur Bantu address is ur address when u want to receive a token from someone who isn’t using Bantupay wallet. So to get ur address, go to ur Bantupay wallet, click on XBN, click on receive and copy that long key words and that is ur address key.

Make sure ur Bantutalk username is in lower case and u hv also input ur Bantutalk username in Bantupay wallet. If ur Bantutalk username didn’t synchronized with ur Bantupay account, the bot will always reject it

Oke I handle it thanks…