Link my bantutalk username to my bantupay account

Pls link my BANTUTALK username “ndapici” to my bantupay account. Thanks in anticipation.

You are to do it yourself. You can link your bantutalk username via your bantupaybot or the bantupay application itself.
If you have any questions about this, please ask and the community will reply you

How do you link.

I have been unsuccessful for the past 2 days

u can go to your profile setting in your bantupay app… there u will see social media section. supply ur bantu talk username and save.

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It says name invalid and telegram bot says same

Trying to buy is even worse timbaktu takes you on endless circles and you still cant fund.

And the other exchange app requires the front and back of my I.D. LET me guess then i must trust them with my banking details? Really guys?
This is a disgrace to bantu people. Disgrace ro timbaktu

My bantutalk username is “vhenyo” and my telegram name is vhenyo. Could that create complexity?

No, my bantutalk and bantupay name are the same and they work fine

Your bantutalk name is Vhenyo

Capital “V”. Try it again

It worked. Thank you. I figured it out last night.

Im having difficulties with timbaktu. Its taking me in cicles.

The other one i can not find XBN IN BETRIX

Let us take it step by step. What is the issue with timbuktu?

When i log in it leads me to log in through bantu pay user name then i enter password and it leads me no where but here. What you see on the picture

you may need to put some xbn in your wallet if u have not. Goto to buy some xbn. Look out for “lusim91”. that is my merchant name. Thank you.

I have them already. Thank you