List of people that have been disqualified from the 15k member celebration

Hi guys, despite the fact that i told you guys not to game the moderators some people still ignore and of course, they are already disqualified even before the main event.

The thing is when participating in something like this, you should observe who you’re dealing with. Thank you

This thread will be for the disqualified participant and let’s start with this person…

Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk username: Tosin433
Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk username: Sultan433
Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk username: tosin433

Stay tuned for more


Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk usernsme: emmanuel90

Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk username: Bernado7/Drizzle442

Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk username: Rolanddavid0755/Roland75
Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk username: davidowen388/david388
Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk username: johnroland068/roland68

Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk username: daniel596/daniebella69
Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk usernsme: maryjohn46/maryjohn02

Please Ubantu’s, abiding to the rules will do u more win than loose o. Please please please let’s all be free and fair . Good lucks guys

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Keep up the good work sir :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::trophy:


If possible please be attaching the reason for their DQ for others to take note.

I can’t, let them do it and get disqualified

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Please how can I partake in this

This is a welcome development; zero tolerance to cheating!


RSVP your spot by clicking on the form then be active here until the main event

Haha… People getting disqualified even before the event, oh boy! :grin:

:sweat_smile: they are giving other people a chance to win the final gift

Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk: walex99

Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk: owokoniran

Am dead even before the even pples are disqualified :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl::rofl: na waaaa ooooooh

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Gmail: Bantupay/BantuTalk: ardian94/ardiankoes94

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The fear of @stepharnite is the beginning of wisdom.

The competition start tomorrow by 8am GMT+1

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