Lost old Airdrop balance

Hello admin, I have participated in the Bantupay airdrop in December 2020, but after I logged in today using the same secret key and the same email account, why was my previous balance lost amd only shown 0 balance, and i cant see my earning history?


Same sir…I also can’t get zero balance

Hello @narto77 @Vectorism

The Airdrop rewards are automatically distributed to All old users that successfully completed and met all tasks requirements

If you did not receive any airdrop during import Migration to BantuPay 2.0 this means you failed to met requirements for successful profile registration and thus are not entitled to the free XBN of 1424.

And if you received no BNR then you didn’t participate in any activity that would yield BNR such as referrals and weekly testing of BantuPay wallet.


But yesterday when i try to log in the app, it tell me that my username is not registered so i click register again with my secret key, i think that was make my balance is resetting to 0. That is true?

Yes you registered as a new user
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Ohh sad, if i not register again,i can still have my old airdrop balance?