More Publicity For Bantu!

During the previous community hour on the 3rd of October, 2021 on Telegram, a member shared his optimistic views on XBN and his thoughts on increase in adoption for Bantu XBN. Prior to that, I discussed using Telegram channels for AMAs so people can be enlightened about the Bantu Blockchain and its opportunities.
EPANTY said to go ahead and give a list of communities that would welcome Bantu with open arms. So please feel free to comment under this, the name of your Telegram community.

I will begin with Teach Crypto. A community with young and intelligent minds that educates members on Blockchain and its opportunities and Crypto and Trading strategies. Members consists of community managers, crypto traders, enthusiasts, blockchain developers, graphics designers, writers and lots more who are performing well in their own right and it is a fact that they would love the Bantu idea and welcome Bantu with open arms.
Check out Teach Crypto on Telegram


Thanks. I have initiated the discussions, hopefully something comes out of it. Thanks again.
Please if anyone else is a member of a crypto focused group on Telegram or WhatsApp that would be a good fit for Bantu, please reply to the thread with a link and we will reach out where it makes sense.


Wow wow wow. I have been member with Quidax Global and to be honest, it was with them I got a lot of enthusiasm and eliigtenment in crypto and blockchains technologies. It’s also an African Exchange and they’re just 3years old as at August with lots of young managers, crypto traders, enthusiasts, blockchain developers, graphics designers, writers too . I Jbrus , Strongly Recommend QuidaxGlobal below :point_down:t5:.

I recommend neutral communities as branded ones only allow posts and events related to them.

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Quidax won’t do that unless it is through partnership, quidax doesn’t just owned a telegram channel, they have there own team and company with there own token

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Your informations are true and right though Nd I guess that if it should really call for partnership, there’s no harm in trial or if possible Bantu should host one of them to come help impact generally on the blockchain technology vice versa :new_moon_with_face:

That’s true…:pensive: But what about hosting for general knowledge. I have seen then host other CEO to come impact general knowledge you know. All coming from Africa :rocket: