My Bantutalk account is not connecting

I could not verify my bandutalk account on the Telegram bot. I tried every way but it didn’t work. Please help.

From the Bantupay application, I typed my username on my profile and entered the bot again. This time it happened. Friends who can’t, can try.

у меня тоже не получаеться подключить имя пользователя bantutalk в телеграм bantupay

U need to update ur bantupay account with ur bantutalk username before bot will recognise it. If u HV not link ur bantutalk with bantupay pls follow this steps.
1: login to it bantupay app and navigate to settings
2: click on profile and edit
3: stroll downward and u will see a space where u are to input all it social medial handles.
4: input ur bantutalk username in the appropriate space and it should be in lower case without the “@” sign at the front and click update or continue when u re done.
Now go back to bot and update ur bantutalk into bot

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