My Experience with BantuPay App v.2.1.0

Recently, the BantuPay App was upgraded to version 2.1. This version was delivered with many awesome features that are revealing of the potentials of the Bantu Blockchain technology that is designed to build and empower the African tech and non-tech community.

One of such features is the ‘swap’ option, which allows users to swap between different assets as listed on the network. In addition, the wallet options came along with curated assets.

My favorite is the wallet mode which with the testnet and mainnet. This options made it possible for both experienced and inexperienced crypto enthusiasts to experiment with the peer-to-peer trading options under the testnet with no risks and losses.

Now that the mainnet has been activated, I’m looking forward to trading with this great token within my community. I’d share more experiences as I navigate with this life changing project.

I’m @Hilenen and this is my entry for the Bantu Community Challenge - BCC
@decentralizednubia @olutaiwo


Nice experience from you. I believe we are just starting.

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Mahn, that is just a great writeup

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We share in the same believe @Mrconfirm. Bantu is a great project with an amazing prospect as it’s evident in the achievements thus far. I also love the fact that this project is being propelled by a team of dynamic and astute minds who bears the community at heart! :heart:

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Thank you, brother! :heart:

Nice one…This is rili :sunglasses:
I love bantu

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Love it @Hilenen good stuff

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@Mrconfirm @sommie @siwoks
Looking forward to all your writ ups for the challenge

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