My First Blockchain Experience

My first blockchain experience was fun because I can remember I did not come in through the front door, I jumped in through the window…

But before we get to that, I know we already experienced one or two ponzi schemes that will always crash before Christmas :pleading_face: until we get to know what is called crypto and I know some of us might still be doing as a risk taker.

The first thing that was introduced to me out of all things that will cease to exit without blockchain is crypto currency trading.

When I was introduced to trading crypto currency and generating signals to trade, I did not believe in it because I did not know anything about it as well. But to cut the story short I was told to pay 100$ backthen and of course that 100$ is a lot of money to me because if the person ended up running away with it, I will feel like why can’t I be using my money to eat :roll_eyes: but I am glad I take the risk…

Forget about learning what is blockchain from the scratch I personally started with how to generate trading signals to make money for myself and bring in people, drop signals for them while they pay a certain amount of money before joining the group :joy:. And all thanks to Whatsapp because have not seen what you can compare with that app when it comes to spamming your link inside a group and drawing people’s attention.

My first trading platform was Binance because it was recommended and the first signal I will be trading in spot was HBAR/BTC pair…

When you get to know more about trading you will get to know trading spot is just like buying to hold till the price increase then you make your profit but as a man you must get greedy then I started looking into FUTURES :weary:

I am sorry if you’re enjoying the story, but I would like to stop here and Incase you don’t know, I started trading with 10,000 naira on Binance…


Don’t stop, hope this story will have part 2 :grinning:

:joy::joy: don’t look forward to that

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Why stop when it’s already getting interesting… :grin:

:joy: if you want me to continue, I think that’s 1000 XBN :roll_eyes:

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:grin::grin::grin: Ahhh, you’ll have to keep it to yourself, I just remembered I don’t even like stories… :grin: :v::v:

:joy::joy: thought as much :roll_eyes:

Ur vhim is more than :battery:

Thank you very much boss :blush:

Actually enjoyed the story…
Thought there was more, until you cut it short :disappointed:


I still have my own to share . i couldnt participate last fridy because of mobile and data issues. i will still share mine. mine is very inspiring and touching. I had to make a video on it with my peers rec track during a competition i had with my quidax exchange collegues. Listen , watch and be blessed, motivated and inspired .



That’s how it should be I guess :joy::broken_heart:

I can’t access it right now but I will try again