My heart is broken guys. None of the given funding methods have been successful thus far. Please kindly help me activate. Or teach me how to fund


Have you fund your wallet before?

No. Im new😐

Three days of trying.

Please confirm that your Bantupay app username is vhenyo, I will help you to activate your wallet


Yes it is.

Your wallet will be activated soon keep checking, have sent you some xbn needed to activate your wallet


Thank you. How many are those?

And can you do the same for my girlfriend please…

She really thinks big of this network.

Let your GF come make the request


Good job stepharnite

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Thanks mfethu.

Its zulu. Southern bantu. It means my kin.


Hope you’re good? Has your bantupay wallet activated? Your issues and concerns are been addressed on Bantu/ Timbuktu TG group

We no longer give free XBN to activate Bantupay, so to activate the wallet you have the following options.

  1. Share your wallet username with a friend to send you XBN from another Bantupay wallet or share your wallet address if they are sending from other sources.

  2. Buy XBN from Timbuktu Timbuktu

  3. Visit Bantu Blockchain Foundation
    for list of other exchanges where you can buy XBN from.

  4. Earn XBN from the Bantupay telegram Bot and on by participating in the community tasks.