My suggestions on referrals and rewards

My suggestions about the referral and rewards system, I feel the developers, should clearly state the amount of coins a person will get when he/she refers another person into the system as well as the amount the new person will get for joining bantupay. Also the link should be in such a way that it automatically takes you to the play store for Android users and apple store for the IOS users. It should also automatically show who invited the person when a referral link is clicked to save the stress of locating the referral name. thank you.

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You earn for referring users to download and use BantuPay. You get a reward of 100 BNR for the referer. Click on the Earning tab and input the username of the referer. Click on Verify. You get 100 BNR.
The other person also gets 100 BNR.
Download BantuPay here:

I understand this, but my point is, the referral link should be in such a way that it states all these benefits instead of someone having to explain to everyone he/she invites. Thank you.

Our engineers are rolling out new features as they come. The team will improve the features according to good suggestions.
Thank you

Please new bantupay doesn’t contain referral earning and the future only appears on the old bantupay app