My User Name Error Pls Solving Now⚠️

Why my user name does not exist?
I can’t do anything about it!


Welcome to the community @HtetAung, please provide your account username if at all the team can help.

Provide your username/ email
You’ll be updated only after review of your account has been done.
As long as it takes and as long as necessary.
We will update you, once the review has been finished and/or a recommendation has been provided later.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Admin’s are not in any way or capacity, reviewing these suspensions. It is handled by a different department instead.

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My advice, edit your profile here, out your profile Id, save it and try again on the bot. Good luck bro. I just added my own

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Welcome to the community @heart4rent1, can I rent your heart too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lolz, am looking for a girl to rent it or even buy it #smile

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Yes, sir, I sent by mail

My mail :
User name : demigodha
Why is not working my username???
long long ago!!!

Username: godwindarn01
I’m having issue in connecting my username to the bot

Use small letters and make sure your username is already on Bantupay app