Negative Effects Of Smartphones in our lives

Smartphones have changed our world in many ways than we can dare to imagine. It has become a key player in making our daily life convenient. We can now do countless number of things using the smartphone which wasn’t possible in yesteryears. With all this latest trends about smartphones, we can’t deny the negative effects it poses in our society and our lives. We live in a world where even little babies have become smart enough to operate a smartphone, some people even give their children phones to distract them from disturbing or crying.
According to research, smartphone users worldwide have reached 3.9 million by the time of this article, and the number is increasing every day. It is not surprising to find everyone buried within their smartphone in Subways, bus stops, restaurants etc.We no longer enjoy what’s around us when we travel except we are either recording or taking pictures. Below are some negative effects of smartphones.

  1. Relationship: social networking websites have become more accessible thanks to smartphones. This has in turn affected how our youth interact and make relationships in real life. They find it easy to make friends online and Converse with them via messaging instead of offline.
  2. The Fear Of Missing Out: smartphones with social media websites have made our world a competition. We all know that social media is not always accurate and is an exaggerated version of reality. But smartphones affect young minds and they get sucked in into this exaggeration and feel that they are in competition with their peers. They try to want to get the latest devices.
    3 False Idolization and Expectation: Today our youths are so much indulge in smartphones that they develop false expectation. With so many editing and beautifying apps available people present themselves as perfect. Our youngsters get affected so quickly that they start idolizing them and set for standards. They buy products, follow dieting, and do all the famous influencer activities without giving it a second thought.
  3. Incorrect Spelling and Grammar: social media have introduced another form of language including abbreviations text lingo and emoji. We use this language way too much while typing text or writing a post. This has resulted in incorrect grammar and spelling errors while we speak or do homeworks.
  4. Concentration Difficulty: exposure to smartphones and the constant urge to check smartphone screens has resulted in low concentration. Some games may help focus students while playing but it has impacted the ability to stay focused for a long time.
  5. Disturbed sleeping pattern: even after working hard all day we tend to check our mobile phones before going to bed. But this activity can affect the sleeping habits as we get indulged in checking social media feeds and forget about time.
  6. Weak Eyesight: when we spend too much time in front of any digital screen including smartphones. The device emits blue light which can harm eyesight if stored on it screen for a long time.
    Smartphones have now become an inseparable part of our life. It’s time to overcome these negative effects of smartphone and start leaving in less affected life.



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#4 hits home. People have the attention span of jelly fish now.