New Whale alert system focused on Tracking high volume transaction on the Bantu Blockchain Network

Many people scroll endlessly on Twitter and will only engage in post that only seems familiar to them.

I build a tracking system for Bantu.

What will it do? It will track whale :whale2: movement and real-time notifications on Twitter.

Key benefits of this service

  • More people will get to know about Bantu Blockchain.
  • It will be easier for the community members to know what’s going on around the blockchain.
  • Knowing whales movement will give users more insight into their investment decisions.

Why did I choose Twitter among every other social media platform?

Twitter is where people come to discover and be updated on what is happening in the world generally. And today, cryptocurrency is one of the most discussed subjects.

Key importance of Twitter

  • Virality

Information can circulate around Twitter very fast. Cryptocurrency projects, especially those who are just starting can greatly benefit from this feature.

  • Cross-Channel Marketing

Twitter has been used as an advertising platform for different industries. It is integrated with other social media platforms, thus, cross-channel marketing is easier. Announcements on Twitter can be cross-posted to Facebook, Discord, Telegram, etc. instantly.

    1. Exposure

Being a public website means that almost anyone can sign up and view what a specific person/organization has said since they joined the site. Politicians, celebrities, big and small organizations, and regular people on Twitter give cryptocurrency projects their much-needed exposure.

Future plans for Bantuwhale Alerts?

In the near future when more viable projects come aboard on the Bantu blockchain network, they will be added to the tracking list.

Click the link below to follow, and turn on the notification button to get real-time notifications on Twitter


Good job Stepharnite. This is a good one. #Kudos

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