Online flight Ticket Dapp / App

Is there any Dapp / app that Can allow online book international flight from Nigeria or from anywhere in the World ?

Why use a flight booking app?
Maybe you’re wondering why you should use an app at all. Is it worth the bother of downloading an app to book flights when you can easily search online?
Well, there’s actually a variety of benefits to using an apps rather than websites.

  1. They help you save money
    [Traveling the world can be expensive] Apps do all the hard work of comparing flight deals so you don’t have to.
    Apps also personalize your experience. Once you’ve filled out the details of the flight you want, apps find you personalized and relevant deals.
    If you set flight alerts for a specific route, you’ll receive notifications straight to your phone when prices drop. This way, you won’t miss out on a bargain, even if you’re on the move.

  2. They’re easy to use while traveling
    Apps are designed specifically for phones and tablets, so they have an incredibly user-friendly interface. That means wherever you are, it’s quick and easy to browse and book flights.
    If you’re backpackingor on a longer trip where you need to organize travel on the move, using an app can be a huge relief.

  3. All your information is in one place
    It’s super annoying to scroll through countless emails to find flight confirmations from six months ago. But booking though an app makes managing your flights much easier. Once you’ve created an account for an app, you can access all your booking information, past and present, at the click of a button.

Apps may also have options for booking accommodation, trains and rental cars, meaning you have the potential to keep all your holiday information in one place.

Are you a developer, programmer, content creator or do you have ideas or skills needed to fix this friction? Or you’re interested to join and fix this existing friction? Please, send me a DM

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Have you ever seen or use an app that you can present as an example sir?

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There’s Wakanow but don’t have app
Only website if I’m not mistaking

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The idea of app will be easier for people to use and navigate around the app features…

Will even be a top notch if it can be featured into Blockchain technology either as a means of bookings like discount to attract customers :thinking:

Who is seizing the opportunity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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