Please Help..Why My username Doesn't Exist


Why my username doesn’t exist ? I have registered since december 2020

My username bantupay : arie1991

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Welcome to the community, and please proceed to create a new account

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Cannot create new account

Try to change your username and make sure non of your details is already used before then have a good internet connection

I have tried many times but the result is still same…

I don’t know but your first name is two here

Clear the app cache too, it might help

Still same

Nothing change

Hey there, try a username that doesn’t include numbers in it

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Nice :+1:

Still same…

Nothing happened

Did you recently import your old wallet to the new one?

No, just login with the same account and same wallet…

And i cannot create a new account…

Hello @arie1991

When was the last time you successfully logged in to your account?

If it’s been a while, then you will have to create a new Bantupay account using a different username, email and password.

The reality is that a lot of things have improved, and Bantu still needs you on this journey :hugs:

:+1: to @stepharnite @marlv for the assistance.


i’m using different email, username, and password… Still same… Cannot create account…

Please update your apps for fix this bug…

Hi @arie1991

Please, clear the Bantu app cache, uninstall and reinstall and let’s know what happens.

Better yet, join the telegram Bantu support group if you haven’t for further assistance.

Okay… I will try it…

Still same…

Please…fixing your apps

Noted, maybe you should wait for the next app update

Okay… I will wait…

Hope bantupay with Bantu blockchain have a good futures