Pliase verification bantutalk

give me the ease to pass every challenge in the world


@saifulnaja what challenges can leveraging Blockchain technology on the Bantu Infrastructure help you solve?

I noticed the first letter for your BantuTalk username in caps. So I helped edit the “s” into small letter. Now you can edit onto your BantuPay profile info and enter it into the @BantuPayBot

I set up my Bantu talk username in app but can’t seem to set it up in bot…please help

That is because your username on BantuTalk “M” is in Caps i will help you edit now to small “m” so you can update on your BantuPay app profile info

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Ok thanks alot really appreciate

Still showing me this

🤦🤦🤦 I’m tried of this

Hello @matthew8088, have you edited your Bantu Talk profile in your Bantupay app as directed earlier?
Kindly join the Bantu Telegram group @banturewards so as to assist with the issue.

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Okay done now thanks

Can you please help me am submitting my Address but the Bot say the the address is invalid