Positive Effects of Smartphones

The Positive Effect of Smartphones.

According to wikipedia.org, “a smartphone is a portable device that combines mobile telephone and computing functions into one unit.” Smartphone - Wikipedia

The positive effect of smartphone on our everyday life cannot be overemphasized.

one of the positive effects of smartphone in our daily life is that it allow educational contents to be easily access on the go. As a student, I used the browsers on my smartphone to do my assignment as well as get updated information regarding my research at my final year.

On daily basis, with smartphone, many people have become crypto and forex traders earning good money from their work. This is the source of income for some people.
Before the arrival of smartphone, only personal computer (PC) owners can trade on the forex.

Smartphone made it possible to develop more user-friendly applications and programs that help to simplify some of the programs that runs on PC. Most websites are now built to allow mobile view.

The effect of smartphone in our everyday life is that smartphone helps many to acquired training offer online by educational institutions and training institutes. This has advanced knowledge and skills especially in technological innovation.
I have acquired many certificates using my smartphone to watch training videos online, read PDF materials and do my quiz to qualify for certification. The effect of this is that, there is no more limitation to learning.

Financial empowerment is another positive effect of smartphone in our daily lives. Lots of people are not cryptocurrency traders but do many cryptocurrency airdrops using their smartphones. They HOLD their cryptocurrency for some months or years and become greatly empower financially. Some people who were empowered through XBN even sell their XBN to buy airtime, subscribe for data bundle, etc.

Another positive effect of smartphone is socialization which is made possible through social media platforms we use daily. We learn about people’s from far distance through their tweets, posts or comments which are done through smartphones.

Another positive effect of smartphone is that it has helped many people discovered their talents. On daily basis, people are discovering their talents through their daily use of smartphone.
Many people do YouTube videos to train people, make comedy, advertise for products and services. If big gadgets were to be used, many comedians wouldn’t have been discovered.
In addition, the voice recording utility on smartphone has help many musicians to be able to put the pieces of their music album together and go to studio with confidence. As they get inspiration, they quickly pick their smartphones and use the voice recorder to record and later make modifications.

Smartphone has also positively impacts
our everyday life through our world of work. Many jobs now rely on smartphones to be carried out. Survey are now been carried out via smartphones without having personal contact with people answering survey questions. This has remove the cost of printing papers and traveling to do survey.
In addition, job interview are being done on smartphone application like WhatsApp, and Zoom where applicants are interview for job openings.
In addition, job reports and progress reports as well as meetings are carried out using Smartphone.
This has brought about positive effect to our work.

Another positive effect of smartphone is access to news on the go. These days, we read news on our smartphones through mobile apps.
Before the emerging of smartphone, only few category of people have access to newspaper but now, every smartphone users now have access to news and updates.

Another positive effect of smartphone is revenue generation for government through Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Many businesses runs on smartphones and these businesses pay taxes and contribute to income flow within the country.

Another positive effect of smartphone is reduction financial risk. With bank Mobile applications on smartphone, your level of exposures to financial risk associated with huge cash handling is reduced.
You will not need to queue at the bank to make transactions because you can pay for many services through your bank app.

Another positive effect of smartphone is the ability to easily position and locate businesses and places using smartphone application such as Google Maps and Google My Business app. Everyday, people use Google map to search for businesses, products and services near them.
If your business is not visible to people, use your smartphone to make it visible.


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