Promoting Bantu on Twitter

I don’t know if Bantu is ready for that phase in it’s marketing but I strongly suggest promoting Bantu on Twitter when it’s time. Either directly from Bantu’s handle or via popular influencers that are into crypto. Like dekunle and the lots. Virtually most of them are into the crypto space now.

I think the site revamp should be successfully completed before then too, for a more presentable font to New users. Also, I think we should start making #BantuArmy trend once in a while on Twitter too.
XBN or BNR can be given as incentives to encourage users to tweet. Or otherwise

The trend should entail the benefits of Bantu and what Bantu has to offer crypto investors. Exactly what makes Bantu unique. It’s roadmap and ongoing projects. It would have been amazing to trend a #bantuarmyonAIT when Bantu was on AIT news

What else again o🤔 please any other suggestions are welcomed.


@Doyin , you’re a real Bantu for this sweet and encouraging contribution. I guess the Bantu teams and moderators @olutaiwo @decentralizednubia will look into this

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Hello, @Doyin

Well said.

At different phases of Bantu’s growth, there have been Twitter campaigns as well as on other social media and engagement channels to enlighten the public and showcase Bantu’s unique offering. Airdrops were also given to participants during the campaigns. I believe there is an allotment for this and in due time the campaigns would be reignited.

Bantu is you, me and everyone else and in the little sphere of influence we have, we all can still lead the charge of promoting Bantu and its ideals of empowering humanity. :muscle:

NB: I am not a Bantu admin. Just a Bantu Believer like you :slightly_smiling_face:


@Doyin Thank you for your confidence in the project. Do please, join us today at Telegram: Contact @bantublockchain to talk more about this as we look into the past events, ongoing Events and Upcoming Events around Bantu.


@thenewvoyager you can change to your preferred language in the settings button on the Bantupay app. Bantupay is now available in 23 languages!
If you cannot see the new feature on your app, simply update to the latest version from your Google PlayStore or App Store. Once updated, you would be able to change to your preferred language by tapping on the Settings icon at the bottom right of your app home screen and then selecting from the dropdown list of available languages in the Preferences section.

Yet to download BantuPay? Visit for both the Android and iOS versions.
We speak your language!

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Thanks. I’m always present on Telegram. I’m just off telegram sometimes because of school activities


Create time for great thngs and become great as well :wink: