Reason for bantu community

What is the Bantu community all about?


Think of a unique blockchain platform that is created to specifically address the issues that are faced by Africans. Who is best suited to solved the problems we Africans re facing beside the Africans themselves.So Bantu blockchain is tailor made for Africans and give African developers an opportunity to be part of this blockchain revolution


Thanks. Can we cash out our earnings after all the hustle?


Thanks @AOche12 for being part of the test phase. 100% every tester and social media campaign participants are being rewarded. Upon Mainnet, all your Bantu Network Reward (BNR) tokens and XBNs can be swapped for whatever cash you desire.

As you know we are NOT doing any ICO, IEO or STO , this is all Free for you to participate. Thank you very much.


Bantu is all about people. The Bantu community’s role is to provide a space for developers, movers and shakers of Africa and the world to come together and build some tools, products and solutions that will empower all of us. Here within this community we wish to attract the next Satoshis, Lumumbas and Obama’s, and nobodies.
People excited about Blockchain Technology and other technology of the future. This place will be home for us.
People from all walks of life sharing the same goal of creating a better world, it will have roots here as our community growths.

We hope to grow and attract passionate people.


The possibilities are overwhelmingly beautiful. Africa, this is the time.