Reward not yet recevied

Can i ask,why my reward 25xbn not recevied in my wallet

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Same here too o, I tried and tried, thought I was making some mistakes…

I just finishied task username bantuapp, add adres and bantutalk username in telegram…and bot answer my reward has sucses sent in my wallet

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Same , bot say reward send in Wallet but not received

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Your rewards are all safe with the bot. You will receive them in your wallets soon.



How can I link my bantutalk name to my Bantu account

@Obiajulu How to input your BantuTalk username into BantuPayAPP?

In the BantuPayAPP

Step 1 go to Settings
Step 2 click Profile
Step 3 click ‘edit’ and input your bantutalk username and social media handles

Do not include “@”. all lowercase