Reward question

How to get reward tickets?
I am new here.
Please answer.

@Ayethaung Welcome to Bantu!
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Its not in Pakistan ???

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@zeeshanb BantuPay wallet is functional in all locations around the globe, as long as you have a good smartphone and internet connection.
Bantu Blockchain Mainnet is live and we are already gaining traction in many continents, in over 150 countries as we speak, Asia is actually leading in the adoption at the moment, followed by Africa, don’t be left behind.


@zeeshanb We are in token distribution phase now, and it is an opportunity for everyone to be introduced to this blockchain, and receive the XBN token.

You should join

And participate in all the activities to get more rewards as well.

Are we listing on CMC and coingeko anytime soon cos of the message I saw. If yes kudus to the Brians behind this great project.

@Abbeey45 Exciting days ahead! #stayTuned

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