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Today’s is an exciting day for me and many others, and I want to excite your ‘joy’ too, if you haven’t yet caught the exciting news that’s ‘exciting’ us in the Bantu Blockchain Community.

Today came loaded with positive updates from the Bantu Blockchain developer and marketing team.

The update which is the first in over two months of media absence was received with so much joy and excitement in the Bantu community, as seen in the various Bantu Blockchain related telegram groups and the social media handles.

The highlights of the five major developments covered in the update includes;

1. Bantu — Visa Collaboration for virtual cards picking up pace

2. USD stable coin coming to Bantu

3. Top 10 Blockchain network to wrap XBN

4. Interstellar working with the Central Bank of Nigeria and Access Bank Plc

5. NFT Marketplace coming on Bantu

In light of the excitement ignited by these updates, I’m sharing 1000 BNR to the first 10 people to share their views about this update. Kindly post your comment along with your Bantupay username

You can read the updates in detail here :point_right: Quick updates from Bantu and our Partners



This is just soo perfect, likeee…the Nfts especially, I’ve always been interested in them, this way i can create my own Nfts and trade easily, thanks bantu. :purple_heart:
Username: theunusualdude

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Just cant wait for the virtual card to happen on Bantupay. This will make the app more advanced :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Username: TWUM

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It’s amazing that atleast this project is being still worked upon rather than getting abandoned in this bear market


Introducing NFT in Bantu is a big welcome development.

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Indeed this is an exciting news​:heart_eyes:Bantu blockchain is actually cooking something great for us​:rocket::rocket::rocket:

Username: morikee123

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Seems everyone is excited to have NFT on Bantu.

Meanwhile, your BNR address hasn’t been activated yet so I’m not able to send you your reward. You can do that as follows;

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Yes, Bantu is here to stay, I have no doubt. The team is committed to this cause no matter what the direction of the market as Bantu is more than cryptocurrency.
You can share your username for the reward.

@Hilenen My Username is SellM

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So excited about the update indeed bantu was a great blockchain that came with development that is well welcome by the global community


Five people have successfully received their rewards, remains five to go.

Kindly share this among your friends and invite then to respond with their views to receive their share of the Bantu future gold :coin:

Greater things are coming on Bantu and you won’t want to be left out with your friends. :heart: