Soft launch reward

Good morning beautiful #Bantu team, while I sincerely appreciate the xbn reward and opportunities available in bantu blockchain, I want to make a heartfelt appeal to the core team to please remember to consider those of us who registered to attend the soft launch on the 16 of December 2020 via zoom and actually joined at the beginning but were later locked out from the zoom and had to go and watch via YouTube but unfortunately did not get the forms to fill at the end of the event. I made a passionate appeal back then and was assured that it will be looked into and I should be rest assured. Core team please this is a further plea that consideration be given to me. Thanks


Hi Otari,

Thanks for reminding the team again about this. This is noted.

Meanwhile, keeping earning XBN and BNR from the activities that are presently ongoing in the groups.

What is your BantuPay username?

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Mamun840 username. How to get Reward


@Mamun840 @Bantupaybot allows you to earn more. Generate your referral link to start earning.


how to? whare from get reffer link?

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