(Suggestion) Staking and/or Farming program

Is there any plans of having a staking or farming program? I’m sure after listed on exchange most users will sell their XBN. I hope there is staking or farming with lock up period. So we can earn more after the referral program.


Will announce @azarias26 at the appropriate time whats available for Hodlers to continue to appreciate their assets


yeah it is the best way to grow it…


Yeah, I agree with you, sir. Commonly people whose joined in Airdrop, Bounty, or something like that will immediately sell reward token. No follow up about behind the scenes of Airdrop Project.

I talk like that based on my experiences in past.
When young dumb and broke.:notes:

Bantu must have staking or farming programs or something that really fits to our jargon: “Empowering Humanity” :heart:

Best regards,
Indonesian people


Are there any updates regarding this? Can we now stake our XBN or BNR? thanks

how does this work? Am new here

@Clarastical If you want to know more about Bantu.:ok_hand::nerd_face:

For your perusal, please check the following links:



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Not announced by the team yet

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This might be useful https://bantufoundation.org/

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