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Eric Kjolby
Eric wrote:
African investors need to understand how fortunate they are to be encouraged and even allowed to invest in a new enterprise like the Bantu Blockchain Foundation. A person may believe that living in the west ( like myself in Canada ) that it would be easy to invest in start-ups / new ventures. I’m here to tell you it’s extremely difficult and many jurisdictions exclude the vast majority of people from investing in companies like Bantu. This is NOT a warning but rather an encouragement for African investors and others around the world.
In Canada to invest in a new enterprise a person needs to be deemed a " sophisticated investor " which basically means that the governing securities body in our country must be shown the persons ability to financially withstand investing in a new company. This would include if you have significant wealth, own your house ( no mortgages ), experience, and have a high net worth ( have a million dollars of wealth outside of your home ). This excludes the vast majority of Canadians and rules like this exist in most western nations.
So for Africans and others around the world to be allowed to invest in Bantu’s token ( XBN ) would be restricted to the most wealthy and influential of society if you lived in the west.
This is your opportunity to invest in Bantu without restrictions on who you are, what wealth you have, which family you come from, how small your investment is. None of those restrictions which are in place in western societies are restricting you in Africa. You are blessed to be able to invest in enterprises like Bantu without restrictions. Take advantage!


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