Thank You For Attending! Bantu First AMA Event

Hello Bantu!
We very much appreciated for your attendance at our first “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) event.
We would like to thank you for attending Bantu first AMA Session. We hope you had fun, your questions answered, won some XBN, :dancer: and we look forward to seeing you at the next Bantu event.
Sorry! you missed our first AMA event? We’re sorry you were unable to make the AMA Session. You’re busy, we understand although we missed having you attend our First AMA event with Bantu Blockchain Foundation C.E.O. Mr Ernest Mbenkun
The goodnews! you can access the event and view at your convenience. We want to make sure you still have access to the session…
We truly appreciate your support.
Click the below link to watch and reminisce the event :point_down:


I tried but I could not attend the event, because YouTube kept telling me the video is no longer available.

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@Krissrow Sorry! the link was made available on all channels. You can relive the experience using the above link

When list the XBN sir

More coins are come and list any exchanges but XBN coin only take long long longgg… Time

Please list the coin you say first update may month but June also gone NO LISTED please list the XBN

@salmanbaris Watch the AMA event using the above link, you will get the answer

Bantupay Blockchain Foundation is loaded for humanity. I’m glad to be part