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I am a merchant on the platform boss :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@stepharnite Good to know. Exciting days ahead!


Yes boss… We Hold to Gold $XBN

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My grand children will inherit my XBN hahahaha

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:sweat_smile: 100% sure it will just be different price

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Yes bros, by then the amount of xbn will be uncountable

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Yes boss let keep the energy moving

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How do u think we can make Bantu grow and make people buy the more

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The process should start from you, me and others that love Bantu… We should all make an impact

What we need now is how to convince people to buy instead of sell.


Xbn need to get listed on a popular CEX/DEX

When this happens they will want to buy more and HODL believing it will be here for long term
For now many people are just here for the airdrop

Bantu XBN on Bittrex Global officially as one of the top 5 price gainers !!!

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Unfortunately no airdrop is currently ongoing and thanks for your opinion by the way

The beginning of the race