Unable to Verify my mail id

I was not able to very my email I’d while I sign up.

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@wealthcircle hello did you check your email address for the verification code?


Still not received any verification code

Okay can you try again plz @wealthcircle


Hello sir, I’m a old bantupay apk user!
My account username is samirsakil6 and my Gmail is sa002977@gmail.com
Recently bantupay started a new app
And im the old app user
So i download the new app , and i didn’t login
I already have 1400+ XBN and 200 BNR
And the old app didn’t work for any swap or
So sir please help me :’( thank you


Here is my OLD account dashboard :’(

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@samirsakil6 Do you have your secret keys backed up? If yes, just import your secret key into the new wallet.


yes sir i have! But it didn’t work :disappointed:
Please help me sir
I reffer my one friend, his wallet is okey! He got reward
And i can’t login to my account :sob:

Hello @samirsakil6

Ensure your email address is human-readable. In other words, let it have at least three consecutive English letters.

If you don’t have any email address with that, you can simply create another one and use that to register on Bantupay.

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Okey i create a new account on Bantu pay! What about my 1400+ XBN and 200+ BNR?
If my email address was e problem why don’t you guys tell me before?
I create a account i reffer my friend and in the end i got nothing! This is not fair sir!

Hello @samirsakil6

Sorry about that. I don’t know if you’ve been following up with the improvements that Bantu Blockchain have announced over time. All these are being done to give all users the best experience.

Have you also tried to import your previous secret key from your old wallet to the newly created one? If you haven’t, please do.

Furthermore, you would have more opportunities to earn XBNs and BNRs.

You can equally buy XBN from the exchanges which have them listed already.

Follow the Bantu telegram group for more information.

@samirsakil6 What you are saying is a general statement with no verifiable backing.

Bantu Blockchain gives you free airdrops… takes zero dollars from you and is now suspending those that it gave Airdrops?

Does that make sense to you?

Now listen the following options:

  • You calmly create a new account and ensure that you follow the rules of engagement. For example trade on the approved platform…

If you follow the rules, your wallet will not be suspended.
Some of the people having issue created a lot of wallets to harvest airdrops from Bantu when the system notice this, they are banned.

If you are using fake information, none human names, our system will notice as well.

If you are using VPN to send token the wallet will notice and you will be flagged.

The Bantupay wallet is not for fraudulent activities.

You can’t cheat the wallet.
Nothing goes unnoticed

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